Filtro Fino (PFP) - Filtros Industriales y Comerciales y Sistemas de Filtración

Dedicated Hydraulic Filter Panel Systems

We offer dedicated filtration systems for gearbox and side-loop reservoir conditioning. It can be used to filter the oil to several ISO classes below the required cleanliness, and can be used to remove water contamination.


This dedicated Filter Skid Equipment is ideal for high-viscosity lube oil and hydraulic oils. Filtration skids for gearbox and side-loop reservoir conditioning. Remove particulate and water contamination. Flow rates up available: 5 GPM, 10 GPM, and 22 GPM.

Effective for conditioning fluids that are already in service. Designed for flow rates up to 11 GPM (~40 LPM), max operating pressure 150 PSI (~10 bar).
1 GPM, 5 GPM and 11 GPM Filter Panels; Filter new fluids during replenishment; remove particulate and water contaminant. This filter panel is a permanent mounted kidney-loop filtration system designed for filtering water and particle contaminants out of hydraulic and lube oils.

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